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Positive Centre: Ancestor One

Pulsating & stomping designer Techno EP

Insulin 003 (12")
Damaskin: Apologia

Droning dark Techno trips b/w stepping Codex Empire remix

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Kann 040 (12")

Laid back House trips

Klockworks 007 (12")
Rod: Malmok

Pure & effective DJ tool techno rhythm tracks

Lifedrawing: Distraction

Swinging, minimalist & mesmerising UK Tech House w/ subtle Ambient atmospheres

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MDR 015 (12")
Sa Pa: We Can Be Friends

Fresh, boomy, explorative rhythm textures in DJ compatible Techno mode

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Macro 058 (CD)
Maria Chavez: Plays (Stefan Goldmann's 'Ghost Hemiola')
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Atmospheric Drum & Bass journeys

Ndagga 02 (12")

Sombre, poly-rhythmic heavy sabar b/w mesmeric Manding flavored instrumental

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Nexe 004 (12")
Samot: Forms Of Perception

Heavy, noisy Techno cuts b/w forceful UVB remix

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Tobias: Studio Works 1986 - 1988

Expertly crafted experimental Electronica / House vignettes in it's own league

The Hangout Project: Sword Of Light

Fine, from out there Footwork-ing to chilled Downbeat alike House EP