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L.B.K.: Depersonalisation

Remarkably focused pure Techno debut EP - Tip!

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Critical Music 158 (Download only)
Enei: Sinking VIP

Cutting-edge, dry Drum & Bass spectacle

Laksa: Fire Kit EP

Unique, percussive UK Avant-Techno / Bass class

12" out of stock

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Lack: Inside

Deep, tripped out Dub / Tech House steppers

12" out of stock

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Lyric: Nineteen

Jacking & stomping, Detroit infused Techno cuts

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Phyxix 001 (12")
Phyxix: Fabryk

Atmospheric boomy Techno trips

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Rua Sound 010 (12")
San: Subject 9 EP

Crisp, flawless Drum & Bass revitalisation

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CiM: Service Pack

Reissue of beautiful, deep IDM Electronica gem from 1999

Habitat 005 (12")
T.E.W.: IphIIunIcI 2/3

Warm, dreamy, flawless Acid House EP

Lapsus 025 (LP)
Suzanne Ciani: A Sonic Womb: Live Buchla Performance at Lapsus

Beautiful modular synth music live performance recorded in Barcelona 2019

Break The Limits: Paranoize / The Thinker

Reissue of Bay B Kane & Mister E prod. pioneering UK Breakbeat House / Hardcore gems from 1991

12" out of stock

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Phonica 028 (12")
Dorisburg: House Organ For The Lonely

Subtle atmospheric, driving Techno / House set

T-Variant 003 (12")
X/319: Citadel Core Variations Pt. 2

Excellent, pure, heavy pounding big room Techno hypnotics (w/ download code)