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Amotik 009 (12")
Amotik: Unat

Perfect, pure, irresistably driving big room Techno missiles

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Linear Search: Line Integral

Pure bleeping Techno effectiveness

Lifeforms 007 (7")
DJCJ: Make of the Geez

Classy diverse Electro cuts

Mannequin 135 (12")
Sam De La Rosa: Slick People EP

Current Synth Wave / New Wave vibes

Mord 042 (12")
Ontal: Uprock

Hard hitting forceful Techno pounders

Lemna: Figure And Ground

Remarkable, dark, twisted Techno workouts

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Talismann 008 (EP)
Talismann: Percussion Part 1

Proper, pure, driving Techno EP

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Bite 004 (12")

Excellent, heavy, industrialesque Techno hypnotics (purple vinyl repress)

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Unhuman & Surit: Impact Bashing

Grinding industrialesque Techno force

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Dystopian 027 (12")
Monoloc: Drought

Fine reverberating Ambient Techno cuts

T-Variant 002 (12")
X/319: Citadel Core Variations Pt. 1

Flawless, pure, heavy pounding big room Techno space trips

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Frak: Sudden Haircut

Tripping, 1980s New Wave infected Acid / Electro EP

Dark Entries 158 (Do LP)
Bill Converse: The Shape of Things To Come

Current, ‘The Hague’ style mixture of Acid Techno & Electro w/ strong 1980s New Wave ties

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Photonz: Etheric Body Music

Blend of oldschool Acid Techno, Drexciyan Electro vibes & EBM / New Beat reminiscences