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Breathtaking, advanced & dramatic Roly Porter remix

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Raster Music 178 (Do EP)
Belief Defect: Decadent Yet Depraved
Subtext 018 (LP)
Fis: From Patterns to Details

Dense & intense late 1990s IDM reminiscent Electronica

Warm, beautifully, ghostly choruses saturated, pure Ambient bliss

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Eva-Maria Houben: Erwartung 1 und 2

Radically reduced, contemplative Modern Classical sound scapes for piano & organ

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Students Of Decay AC 101 (Download only)
Taiga Remains: Works for Cassette

Deeply resonating Ambient / Electronics / sound works in quest for the Perfect Drone

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Students Of Decay AC 102 (Download only)
Alex Cobb: Abate Fetel

Warm, subtly moving, contemplative Drone research related Ambient bliss

Chra: On A Fateful Morning

‘By subtly intertwining musical and non musical sounds Chra is weaving an intensely atmospheric, poetic tableau of emptied spaces’ (w/ download code)

Karl 020 (LP)
Column One: Entropium

Zeitkratzer ensemble plays compositions by the Berlin based Electroacoustic/Industrial collective

Karl 022 (LP)

’teaming up for a confrontational sonic attack’

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Gaussian Curve: The Distance

Early 1980s New Age indebted subtle Lounge / Ambient Electronica

Kranky 020 (LP)
Stars Of The Lid: Gravitational Pull vs. The Desire for an Aquatic Life

2018 repress of a remarkable eternal Drone / Ambient / Post-Rock classic

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Kranky 169 (LP)

Delicate & beautifully concentrated Drone works

Kranky 194 (LP)
Ken Camden: Dream Memory

Pure, beautiful vintage New Age & Kosmische Musik indebted Electronica / Ambient

Kranky 207 (Do LP)
Anjou: Epithymia

Mark Nelson & Robert Donne produced flawless, pure Ambient / Drone drifters

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Wonderful, harmonic, subtly New Age indebted Electrronica bliss