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Slow Reels: Farewell Islands

Wonderful ethereal Drone landscapes (w/ download code)

Morr Music 163 (Do LP)
System: Plus

Perfect, warm, harmonic Ambient album w/ Nils Frahm appearance

Ellicist: Point Defects

Chilled, subtly melodic IDM / Indietronica / Ambient album (w/ download code)

Mikael Lind: Intentions and Variations

Cinematic, slightly Indie-tronica tinged, warmly droning Ambient sound scapes

10" out of stock

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Morr Music 159 (10")
Mum: Menschen am Sonntag

Warm, beautifully, ghostly choruses saturated, pure Ambient bliss

Rayon: A Beat of Silence

Subtly pulsating, dynamically processed Modern Classical sound scapes centered Ambient

LP + 7" out of stock

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Morr Music 148 (LP + 7")
ISAN: Glass Bird Movement

Chilled, beautiful Lounge Electronica / Pop Ambient / Indie-Tronica (download code) (w/ download code)

LP out of stock

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ISAN: Glow In The Dark Safari Set

Comes with bonus 7", a lovely melodic synthesizer electronica album