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Javiera González: Meet Me Twice

A beautiful non-standard: haunting vocals paired with analog electronics

Coti: La Gru Gialla

Fine 2001 IDM/Ambient excursions

Subtext 030 (LP)
Joshua Sabin: Sutarti

Touching, melancholic, cinematic Neo-Classical / Drone pieces - Tip!

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Auxiliary LP 003 (Do LP)
ASC: Realm Of The Infinite

Another sweeping broadcast from ASC's 'grey area' dimension

Karen Gwyer: Man on Mountain

Crisp Techno-IDM-Electro amalgam & Drone dedicated, minimalist Designer Electronics

In Sync: Sahara

Superb Ambient Techno excursions by UK Techno legend In Sync (orange/red vinyl)

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Karl 068 (LP)
Hüma Utku: Gnosis

‘a blend of abstract electronics and ritualistic throbbing beats with field recordings and ambience’ (donwload card included)

Olhon: Lucifugus

Immersive, dynamic, extended Drone / Ambient cinema

Thomas Dimuzio: Amid Zero Echo

Epic, cinematic, extended Drone works

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Vladislav Delay Quartet: Vladislav Delay Quartet

Intense sessions on the edge of avant-jazz & noisy drone electronics w/ Derek Shirley, Lucio Capece, Mika Vainio & Vladislav Delay

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Cecilia: Adoration

Sound collages in Ambient referring to classic IDM, weightless Grime & radio plays

Mistry LP 001 (LP)
Kailin: Fracture

Puristic, sparse Electronics & Ambient in ‘weightless’ Grime mode