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‘Combining influences from post-minimalism, the pioneers of live electronics, and eastern music into a unique sound world’

Stunningly intense, beautiful & refreshing blend of CAD Electronics & cinematic Modern Classical (w/ download code)

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Anno 003 (LP)
Funky Doodle: Live From Yellowknife

Far-out experimental adged & Drone tinged pure Electronics

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Auxiliary C 005 (Tape)
ASC: 1138

Classy, restrained Ambient / Drone album

Amish 033 (Do LP)
Ben Vida: Splitaggregatepulseripper (Damaged iiii)

2011 release, extended, studio & live recordings

Impressive set of scores for films, installtions & stories by a long time musical pioneer

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 5 (7")
∑: ∑=5

Explorative, sparse, pure Electronic sound scapes (repress w/o cover)

Akō 02 (EP)
Yko: Taō Remixes

Impressive, dense, epic, masterful Electronic excursions (original CD album ‘Taō’ thrown in as well)

Robert Henke: Layering Buddha

Exceptional Electronic Drone music - few original sealed copies from labels vaults, box sets w/ very light wear from storage

Various Artists: The Electric Family - Mariopaint

Electronic music made based on the musical options of Nintendo Super Famicom (original sealed copies - warehouse find!)

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Fennesz: Endless Summer

A true sonic icon for eternity where computer aided designer music meets Indie-tronics - Highly Recommended!

Mego Editions 246 (Do LP)
The Transcendence Orchestra: Modern Methods for Ancient Rituals

Anthony Child and Daniel Bean wade into leftfield territory in quest for the perfect Drone - Recommended! (w/ download code)