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Firescope 014 (UK EP)
Bauri: Vinkelvolten II

Classic Boards of Canada reminiscent IDM / Lounge Ambient EP

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Firescope 015 (UK EP)
Steven Rutter & John Shima: Step into the Light

Drifting, warm, melodic Ambient Techno in early 1990s 'Intelligent Techno’ tradition

Firescope 004 (UK EP)
B12: Mindbender

Classy half-tempo Ambient Techno / Ambient EP (two final mint copies in generic sleev - no picture sleeve)

Firescope 006 (UK EP)
B12: In Vain (Feat. Yonii)

‘Vocal Ambient’ & Lounge Electronica / Downtempo in signature B12 sound sphere

Firescope 003 (UK EP)
B12: An Eternal Flame

Classy, 1990s Ambient rooted, original, chilled Electronica EP

Firescope 002 (UK 12")
B12: Deceased Unknown

Flawless Ambient Techno / Electronica EP

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Firescope 011 (UK Do LP)
Morphology: Traveller
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Firescope 009 (UK EP)
Steven Rutter: From Me To You

Deeply blue, classy Ambient Techno excursions living up to the rich B12 heritage

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Firescope 010 (UK EP)
Darren Nye: Emotional Intelligence
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Firescope 008 (UK EP)
Derek Carr: Distant Systems

Chilled, subtle, early/mid 1990s UK Electronica EP

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Firescope 007 (UK EP)
Bauri: Vinkelvolten

Classic IDM EP in early 2000 style

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Firescope 005 (UK EP)
John Shima: Elements Unknown

Superb Ambient Techno EP living up to early/mid 1990s UK ’intelligent’ Techno heritage