Cover art - Robert Hampson: Suspended CadencesCover art - Robert Hampson: Suspended Cadences
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Robert Hampson: Suspended Cadences
Fantastic, extended Electronic Drone excursions
Suspended Cadences (released simultaneously, but sold separately as Signaux) is a series of live improvisations for Analogue Electronics and Guitar lasting a duration of 20 minutes each. Each performance is given a number and it can be based either in concert or the studio. Two variations of the same theme are presented here. (Three) is a majestic uplifting high velocity stormer of a set, which shows Hampson’s improvising skills coming into full force. If (Three) s the the ‘upper’ then (Four) could be seen as the ‘downer’, with its far more concentrated and inward looking affair. Another worthy addition to his recent very busy canon of work. No computer manipulations are used in the performances. A computer is only utilized as a recording device in the studio environment to record a direct to stereo mix. The concert performances will not be recorded at any time.