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KTL: The Pyre: Versions Distilled To Stereo

Stephen O'Malley & Peter Rehberg exceptional Drone excursions for Gisèle Vienne’s performative projects (w/ download code)

Ben Vida: Damaged Particulates

Puristic, Drone research & development related Designer Electronics

Thomas Ankersmit: Homage To Dick Raaijmakers

Sub heavy, purist Noise excursions

Tomoko Sauvage: Musique Hydromantique

‘archiving many years of performance-based practice on the waterbowls - the natural synthesizer of her invention’ - Highly Recommended!

Bellows: Strand

Sparse, explorative French Acousmatics aware & Ambient Electronica aiming album

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Minimalist, exploring, sonic adventure covering purist Computer Music & Musique Concrète vibes