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Xordox: Neospection

Intensely opulent, melodic, vintage Electronica referencing album (w/ download code)

L.I.E.S. 114 (LP)
Maxxxbass: Gone Fishing

Minimalist, widely reverberating pure Ambient Electronic album (w/ download code)

Zu Hause 001 (LP)
Akatana & Ombossa: Myocarde LP

Subtly noisy, pulsating Ambient / Ambient Techno album (w/ download code)

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Music from/for the final frontier: cutting edge Noise science & heavy Ambient beauties

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Biophon 031 (Do LP)
Biosphere: The Senja Recordings

Collection of various outdoor recordings and studio improvisations’ (download card included) (w/ download code)

Kyoka: iSH

Crispy, cut-up techniques rooted, Avant-Techno aimed rhythm textures

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Avian 027 (Do LP)
Kilner: Walk Type

Superbly dynamic Blawan prod. album inhabited by idiosyncratic Ambient / Drone / Techno creatures

Subtext 005 (LP)
Emptyset: Medium

Precise, heavy noise attacks & drones

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Clone Dub 037 (EP)
Aleksi Perälä: Sunshine 1

Outstanding prolific Breakbeat / Bleep Techno / Braindance hybridization - Colundi everyOne!!!