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Alphacut 3004 (D 12")
Various Artists: Snailphonkdubs EP

Killer EP in fresh, stripped down, dubbed-out, half-stepping Drum & Bass mode

Heavy, expertly dubbed out, classy Drum & Bass rave EP

Fresh 86 142 (UK 12")
Response: Dekadenz

Golden era reminiscent, classy Drum & Bass

Fresh 86 152 (UK 12")
Response: Tension

Perfect techy Drum & Bass rollers

Function 036 (UK 12")
Digital: Catch A Fire EP

Burning hot Digital delivers fresh, original Drum & Bass goodness

Digital: Zion

Heavy Dancehall/Reggae-Jungle vibes by a true master

12" out of stock

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Narratives 011 (UK 12")

Atmospheric Drum & Bass journeys

12" out of stock

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Seba & Krazy: High Priestess

Outstanding, golden era reminiscent, warm atmospheric Drum & Bass

12" out of stock

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Paradox: Rockdown

80s B-Boy cult & original drum-break centred, minimalist Drum & Bass

45 Seven 14 (D 7")
Lowcut: Never Get Burn

Killer half-stepping Drum & Bass related & vintage Dub leaning project

Diamond Eye: Dubmonger & LXC Remixes

Superb, heavily dubbed out Electronica - reissued Modern Urban Jazz gem

Esoteric 013 (UK 12")

Dubbed out, drumbreaks centred, reduced killer Drum & Bass of its own class

Esoteric 015 (UK 12")

Classy, original drumbreak centred, craftily executed, puristic Drum & Bass

Red Seal 022 (UK 12")
Indigo: Storm EP

Impressive, freestyling, leftfield, killer Drum & Bass/IDM EP

12" out of stock

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Seba & Method One: Let’s Be Done With This

Perfect, dark Drum & Bass rave cuts

Source Direct: The Crane (Alternate Version)

One sided 12"; ace alternative version of mid 1990s cut from SD core-oeuvre

Sam KDC: Late Night Innominate Volume 1

Beautiful, pure Ambient Electronica drifters