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Impress 002 (12")
Taupe: Helion

Flawless, aethereal, Detroit school Techno / Electro EP

Odd Lust: Wild Qualia

Braindance affine total class Electro excursions

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Mille Plateaux 4 (Do LP)
Teruyuki Kurihara: Frozen Dust
Acroplane 043 (12")
Diasiva: Asunder

Dark & lethal rolling, deadly Techno / Drum & Bass hybrids

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CNVX 017 (Download only)
Heron Flow: Rolex Groove EP
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Desert Sound Colony: Pulled Through the Wormhole EP
Høst: Survive

Flawless UK Bass cuts with heavy remix score by Om Unit

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Cardopusher: Psyops - Part Two
Jaime Read: Target This MF

Stunningly original early 1990s UK take on Detroit House vibes properly reissued