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Arboretum 005 (12")
Diasiva: Microplastic

Dark, excellent, crisp Industrial Techno / Drum & Bass killers (download card included)

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Frak: Sudden Haircut

Tripping, 1980s New Wave infected Acid / Electro EP

Cardopusher: Muscle Memory

Set of crafty original Acid House, New Beat & Proto-House emulations

Beau Wanzer & M. Mazzocchetti prod. heavily New Wave schooled, 1980s styled sound explorer

Photonz: Etheric Body Music

Blend of oldschool Acid Techno, Drexciyan Electro vibes & EBM / New Beat reminiscences

Klara Lewis: Ingrid

Evolving cello sphere, one-sided vinyl (w/ download code)

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Midgar 001 (12")
Wata Igarashi: Junctions EP

Pleasant, boomy, reverberating Ambient Techno cuts (2019 repress)

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Kander: Seperate & Divide

Hard hitting, dark Techno missiles (copies w/o full cover)

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Arts X 013 (Download only)
Kozlov: Control Freak EP

Hard pounding Techno pressure