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L.I.E.S. 141 (US EP)
AN-I + Unhuman: Five To Nine

Raw, slightly Techno tinged Electronics in Noise affine Wave / Punk tradition

L.I.E.S. 108 (US LP)
Cienfuegos: Autogolpe

Stunning mixture of industrialised IDM & explorative Techno / Electro vibes (w/ download code)

L.I.E.S. 149 (US 12")
Robert Bergman: Robert Bergman

Raw, cracking, psychedelic house jams

L.I.E.S. 133 (US LP)
Tom of England: Sex Monk Blues

‘Exploring a beautiful grey area somewhere between P.I.L., Arthur Russell, and downtown New York’ (w/ download code)

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L.I.E.S. 146 (US EP)

JC Cabrera & Kastil prod. boomy, minimalist, Acid tinged Techno stompers

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L.I.E.S. 035 (US Do LP)
Shadowlust: Trust In Pain
L.I.E.S. 119 (US LP)
51717: Paranoia Star

Collection of cinematic, mashed-up Industrial / Ambient excursions (download card included)

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L.I.E.S. 076 (US 12")
Vapauteen: This Coercion Pt. 1

Noisy, acidic, Industrial leaning, Techno stepper

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L.I.E.S. 123 (US EP)
O/H: Market Values

Tough, distorted, upfront Techno/EBM integration by Rich Oddie & Dave Foster

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L.I.E.S. 124 (US EP)

1990s NY Acid Techno rave reminiscent bangers

L.I.E.S. 016.5 (US 12")
Samantha Vacation: Samantha Vacation

Fine footworkin’ Deep House cuts

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L.I.E.S. 121 (US EP)

‘The Hague’ style reminiscent Electro / Wave / Techno integration

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L.I.E.S. 128 (US EP)
Fret: Slowly Moving In

As good as it can get - a Mike Harris prod. Industrial Techno Breakbeat adventure

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L.I.E.S. 132 (US 12")
Cardinal & Nun: I Met The Devil

Current French ‘New Wave’ banger

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L.I.E.S. 135 (US EP)
PS + ISF: Misinformation

Experimental edged, raw & direct leftfield Techno jams