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Valuable, high-quality reissue of a South African Jazz holy grail

12" out of stock

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Ndagga 22 (D 12")

Upfront white label copies (one copy per customer)

New Dawn 001 (Euro LP)
Super Mama Djombo: Super Mama Djombo

First time remastered vinyl issue of 1980 Guinea-Bissau orchestra archive recordings

Son Palenque: Tony Allen Reworks

More reworks for Tony Allen’s afro beat originals

Voodoo Funk 005 (UK 12")
Bayo Damazio: Listen To The Music

Superb reissue of impossible to find Nigerian Funk, comes with lovely poster

Mary Afi Usuah: Ekpenyong Abasi

Mixture of ’scintillating highlife, smoking Fela and spaced-out, funkdafied Black Jazz’

Studio Lam 002 (UK 7")
The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band: Roob Lor Pu Tai (Rootikal Re-Rub)

Dubbed-out cuts to the contemporary Molam heavyweight, Nick Manasseh at the controls

Hot Casa 27 (Euro LP)
Orlando Julius: Disco Hi-Life

Lovely reissue of incredibly rare Nigerian LP

Hot Casa 35 (Euro LP)
Francis The Great: Ravissante Baby

Reissue of dope West African Funk album