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Nonplace 034 (D Do EP)

Pioneering percussive, Outernational musics reflecting killer album

Nonplace 035 (D Do LP)

Brilliant, Outernational musics leaning, inspired drumming centred, pioneering album

Chief Checker: The Sound Of Chief Checker Sounded Original

Japanese reissue of a West African Reggae obscurity

Warp 378 (UK EP)

Dope Kuduro-related club tracks (comes w/ download)

Fela Kuti: Confusion

Fela classic from 1974, reissue with download code

Studio Lam 002 (UK 7")
The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band: Roob Lor Pu Tai (Rootikal Re-Rub)

Dubbed-out cuts to the contemporary Molam heavyweight, Nick Manasseh at the controls

Ndagga 07 (D LP)

Ancient futuristic tribal polyrhythms - instrumental b/w slightly dubbed versions (incl. free download)

Fela Kuti: He Miss Road

The other killer classic Fela LP, download code included

Ndagga 01 (D 12")

Swingingly masterful style of Mbalax b/w hypnotic, stripped dub

Fela Kuti: Sorrow, Tears & Blood

Classic Afrobeat LP reissued, funky as hell, with download code