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Stunningly organic fusion of Hip Hop & Malian Folk instrumentalization, insert included with lyrical translation (w/ download code)

Mamman Sani: La Musique Electronique Du Niger

2018 repress - ‘organ music from the Sahara´- Dreamy and hypnotic, the sound is unlike anything coming out of West Africa before or since’ - TIP! (w/ download code)

Hama: Houmeissa

‘traditional electronic desert folk songs, hovering somewhere between early 90s techno and synthwave’

‘Tuareg guitar gets the electronic treatment, with a reissue of the cassette by legendary Nigerien composer Abdallah Oumbadougou.’ (w/ download code)

‘Tuareg guitar [..] based around traditional Takamba...and [...] Malian music.’

‘All-girl group [...] recalling Guinean folk and early Ali Farka Touré’

‘Tallawit Timbouctou are champions of Takamba, a hypnotic traditional music from Northern Mali’