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Surgeon: Unreleased Tracks 1995-1996

‘As always, the quality is high and the impact is deadly.’ (w/ download code)

Transmat 004 (12")
Rhythim Is Rhythim: Strings Of Life

Those strings for eternity and the best Kaos cut there ever was

Arnold Jarvis: Take Some Time Out

Reissue via UK; a 1989 NY Deep House anthem by Tommy Musto, expanded w/ new mix

Electronome: No Landscape

Block building raw Dutch Electro cuts reissued in full

PND 006 (12")
Circulation: Patterins

Valuable reissue of Joshua prod. eternal House classic from the Prescription hey days

Mr. Fingers: Slam Dance

Valuable high quality reissue of eternal Larry Heard prod. house - Essential Must Have!

Mr. Fingers: Washing Machine

Valuable high quality reissue of a Larry Heard production & eternal House super classic

Schatrax: Restless Nights

Reissue of classic Josh Brent production - essential House!

Surgeon: Communications

1996 album reissued - ‘It still has the power to corrupt the youth of today.’ (w/ download code)

12" out of stock

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Clone CAL 010 (12")
The Other People Place: Sunday Night Live At The Laptop Cafe

2017 repress, spaced out atmospheric minimalist techno + downtempo tracks

Rawax JB 01 (12")

Anthem alert! A 1990 Joey Beltram production in wonderful, swinging NY Techno mode - Essential must have!

Convextion: R-CNVX1

Properly sleeved reissue of immense, spaced out Techno trips

Joy Card: Boy I Love You

Tough, edgy lovers rock, extended with dubs

12" out of stock

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Rhythm & Sound: SMY Remixes #4

Dream team remix set in House / Techno mode derived from ’See Mi Yah’ album

3x 12" out of stock

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Scion Versions 09 (3x 12")
Vainqueur: Reductions 1995–1997

Chain Reaction core-œuvre carefully revisited & luxury represented (w/ download code)