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Keysound 059 (UK 12")
Truce: Be There

Minimalist UK Tech House groover

Macro 047 (D 12")
Kuf: Odyssee

Superb UKG infected beatdown live jams b/w storming VIP Techno version

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San Proper: L.O.V.E.
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Trax 5009 (US LP)
Nouveaux Nation: Party Time Lovers

Essential sample loaded Chicago tracks from 1988. original pressing - one sealed copy

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Signature 001 (UK 12")
Calibre: Peso

Classic, perfect ’liquid’ Drum & Bass

Trax 152 (US 12")
Hercules: Lost In The Groove

Reissue via UK; Marshall Jefferson prod. eternal Chicago House classic

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EPM Music 013 (Euro 12")
Dan Curtin: Galaxies Merging

Euphoric & expertly executed Detroit House / Techno floor-fillers

Figure SPC Y (D 12")

Superbly reduced & heavy big room Techno effectiveness

12" out of stock

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These Hidden Hands: These Moments Dismantled

Goth-Synth-Pop & Industrial derived, Techno compatible club cuts

The Corner 014 (D 12")

Direct, flawless late 1990s style DJ tool Techno & Electro EP

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Om Unit: Torchlight Vol.2

Grime & Dubstep related, breakbeat infected cuts b/w 1990s style atmospheric Drum & Bass

De:tuned 009 (Euro 12")
B12: Transient Life

Wonderful, retro-futuristic & dreamy Steven Rutter prod. Ambient Techno / Electronica immersion

Strategy: Information Pollution

Pure, extended Ambient Electronica transmissions