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Eerie 009 (Euro 12")
Marco Shuttle: Sing Like A Bird (Reprise)

Dubbed out Techno trips

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Pametex: PMTX005

Sparse true dutch school Electro cuts

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Mattheis: Kindred Phenomena
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Proibito 014 (US 12")

Slightly Disco flavoured, spaced out House jams

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Emmanuel: Installations
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Acido 006 (D 12")
Dreesvn: Tall Stories

Brilliant, direct, subtle Techno

Acido 008 (D EP)
Dresvn: Woodlandscene

Mini album from original raw Chicago House to atmospheric chilled electronics

Acido 011 (D 12")
Dynamo Dreesen: Back In The Mists Of Time

Dreesen in full effect - the real stuff: stripped down, pure, original House Traxx

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Acido 013 (D 12")
Tase: Acido 13

Submerged, floating leftfield Techno & Electronic excursion - the real stuff

Acido 014 (D 12")
Dresvn: Acido 14

Lovely executed, excellent, original House EP

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Acido 016 (D 12")
Dresvn: Acido 16

Original, mesmerising House b/w Sotofett Jungle-revival treatments

Acido 017 (D 12")
S.P. Posse: Acido 17

Archaic & refreshing - outsider House related, epic groove adventures

Acido 019 (D 12")
Karl Lukas Pettersson: Paradise Island

Crafty 1980s Wave/Electro Disco leaning tunes

Acido 020 (D 12")

Pulsating, outer-space -Jazz/ Techno hybrids rooted universal groove excursions

Acido 021 (D LP)

Pure, side long Outer-Space-Electronica (partitions for pre-listening purpose only)

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Amar 006 (UK 10")
AU: Fear Dem

Heavy, anthemic Dubstep / Drum & Bass bangers