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DUM 031 (Euro 12")
Coopers: Maximal Fun EP

Taking up 1990s pure Acid Techno vibes

DUM 033 (Euro 12")
Detroit Diesel: Dimension

Reissue of perfect, minimalist Finnish Acid Techno w/ new extended remix and previously unreleased track

DUM 034 (Euro 12")
Mono Junk Vs. Mesak: Deep In My Mind

Spacious & puristic, classic Detroit Electro / Techno oriented jams

Dystopian 012 (D 12")
Stone Edge: Edges EP

Chilled, classic, basic Techno/House rooted, craftily executed EP

Exploration 007 (D 12")
Johannes Volk: Beneath The Ice

Epic, uplifting 1990s Detroit Techno rooted EP

KMS 155 (US 12")
Keynotes: Let’s Let’s Dance

Reissue via UK; 1987 Detroit Techno blueprint reissued - a Kevin Saunderson production

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Nemorous 002 (D 12")
Anja Zaube: Ravenous

Gloomy atmospheric Techno steppers b/w dreamy Blind Observatory stomper

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Figure 061 (D 12")
Cryptik: Source Code

Full range Techno/Electro EP w/ Ambient bonus

Flexxseal 005 (D 12")
Christopher Joseph: Outside The Lines

Classic 1990s Techno oriented, well-balanced, banging Techno drivers

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Bored Young Adults: Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach

Great, new Blawan project w/ original, partly contemplative, Detroit-school-via-Jamal-Moss style Techno EP

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So-Phat 1-Digi (Euro Download only)
DJ Sotofett: Philip Sherburne, your word should be worth more than the ignorance of Pitchfork
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Marco Shuttle: Flauto Synthetico

Fine dubbed out pulsating Techno trips