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Paula Temple: Edge of Everything

Convincing hard Techno freshness & accompanying Ambient bliss (in gatefold sleeve w/ download code) (w/ download code)

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Planet Rhythm UK D20065 (Download only)
Kusp: Warehaus EP

Banging, effective DJ tool Techno material

12" out of stock

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Hypnus 028 (12")
Feral: Woodland

Excellently vibrant deep Ambient Techno trips

3TH 007 (EP)
Lucindo: Alien Rebellion

Fantastic, hard banging & distorted acid injected Techno in early 1990s reminiscence mode

Arsenik 008 (12")
Kuf: Akupunktur

Perfect, hard hitting to spaced out, pure Techno EP

Lux 033 (EP)
S S S S: Systematic Suspence
12" out of stock

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Mord 068 (12")
Jokasti & Nek: Celestial Bodies

Focused, banging, effective Techno EP

Ownlife 015 (12")
Leiras: Turquoise Tundra Pt. II

Optimized boomy big room Techno effectiveness

Tensal 007 (12")
Tensal: Archives G

Reduced, heavy, perfectly optimized big room Techno stompers

Obscuur 003 (12")
Liza Aikin: Infirm Past

Dark Industrial Techno banger b/w powerful Swarm Intelligence & VSK remixes

12" out of stock

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Geistform: PI 10

Ace dark Industrial Techno machinery