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Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa: Fragments Of Reference EP

Cutting-edge in Industrial tinged, stepping UK Designer Techno - Highly Recommended!

Zet 018 (12")
Stingrays: Ice-E Waters

Hard hitting, pumping Techno cuts

Morbid 012 (Do EP)

Uncompromising set of ever forward marching Techno bangers - no more, no less.

12" out of stock

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Morbid 013 (12")
Sedvs / Peel: Free Base Chakra

Flawless, direct, pure Techno

12" out of stock

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47 009 (12")
12" out of stock

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Bite 006 (12")
Vulkanski: Science Gardens

Heavy, dense, dark Industrial Techno trips

12" out of stock

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Uun: Veil Of Ignorance

Deep atmospheric big room Techno cuts b/w acidic Boston 168 remix

12" out of stock

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Reference 004 (12")
Jack Murphy: Reference 04

Minimalist, swinging Techno w/ subtle 1990s Detroit school references

Stave: Black Hills

Vigorous Industrial Techno steppers

Sublunar 001 (12")
Ladan: Section

Fresh, imaginative, stepping to banging Techno debut EP

EP out of stock

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Sublunar 006 (EP)
Nh: Outre

Killer hypnotizing Techno mind-benders

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Zhark 020 (12")
Nathan Siter: Bacteria

Experimental edged, noisy Industrial/Techno

12" out of stock

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Curle 061 (12")
Efdemin: Move Your Head

Carefully designed colorful Techno EP

Voitax 012 (12")
Esker: Destruction Time Again

Fierce, Noise infused Techno bangers (w/ download code)