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Idle Hands 060 (12")
Konduku: Lila

Subtly pulsating, warm Ambient centered UK Tech House drifters

Karl 071 (LP)
G.A.M.S.: G.A.M.S.

Andi Stecher & Guido Möbius in a free styling, slightly Indie Rock affine, explorative rhythm & noise session (w/ download code)

LDY OSC: sōt

Pulsating, experimental, atmospheric Techno album

Tape out of stock

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Great Ugandan / UK Techno hybridization

Do LP out of stock

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PAN 102 (Do LP)
Pelada: Movimiento Para Cambio
Download only

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TAL 016 (Download only)
Mapstation: Soul Static EP

Fine reduced electronic explorations

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Wokoundou 001 (12")
Philou Louzolo: Shinobi Of Wokoundou

Remarkable, African musics enriched House / Techno trips

12" out of stock

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Client_03: Hope Repeater

Remarkable, reduced & highly effective Electro shakers

12" out of stock

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Dystopian 007 (12")
Rødhåd: Red Rising EP

Crafty, effective DJ tool Techno; repress in black vinyl in generic sleeve

EP out of stock

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E-Beamz 030 (EP)
Vort: Silverlight EP

‘braindancing’ Electro / Breakbeat beauties