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Olhon: Lucifugus

Immersive, dynamic, extended Drone / Ambient cinema

Thomas Dimuzio: Amid Zero Echo

Epic, cinematic, extended Drone works

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Kranky 220 (LP)

Touching, slightly Indietronica tinged, outstandingly sounding Designer Electronics

LCC: Bastet

Droning Ambient Electronica research & development (w/ download code)

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Karl 055 (LP)
Giulio Aldinucci: Disappearing In A Mirror
Fenn O’Berg: Live In Japan Part One

The Mego super group (Fenesz, Pita & Jim O’Pourke) plays out live in Japan

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Intense to harsh Noise & Drone tunes (all our copies have a bent edge)

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Loke Rahbek: City Of Women

Stunningly diverse, droning Ambient centered sound scapes (w/ download code) (w/ download code)

Xordox: Neospection

Intensely opulent, melodic, vintage Electronica referencing album (w/ download code)

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Kranky 210 (LP)
Justin Walter: Unseen Forces

Beautiful, sparse to close to Boards Of Canada reminiscent Ambient sound scapes