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Versatile 130 (12")
I:Cube: Cubo Live Sessions Vol. 1

Excellent, unreleased Dub House jams, archive material

Do LP out of stock

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Acido 032 (Do LP)
Web: The Sound There

Wonderful, Takuya Sugimoto prod. previously unreleased Ambient / House treasure from 1994/95 - TIP!

Delsin X 5 (12")
Claro Intelecto: Peace Of Mind

Reissue of Claro Intelecto's timelessly classic EP from 2003

Classy, reduced & effective Techno / House jams

Liitheli 005 (12")
Olga: Krakow Horse Racing EP

Superb, atmopsheric & uplifting House set

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Workshop 29 (12")
DJ Slyngshot: Workshop 29

Raw, subtly drifting, purist Breakbeat House cuts

Lavalava 12-1 (12")

Prerelased mini-compilation of varied UK House / Bass emulations

Candi Staton: Do Your Duty (Pépé Bradock Mixes)

Brilliant electronic/house rmxs of 1960s bittersweet soul by Pépé Bradock

Fallout: The Morning After

Reissue via UK; a 1987 NY House gem by Lenny Dee and Tommy Musto, expanded with new mixes

Bunker 3045 (12")
Salamandos: Master Of House

Reissue of Legowelt prod. true-school Chicago flavored House rawness

Raum Musik 085 (12")
Villalobos: Baby EP

Magical tripping RV House cuts

Kenny Dope: presents The Bucketheads: The Bomb!

High quality reissue of seminal Disco House tune

M-Series 01 (12")
Maurizio: Ploy

1992 Techno classic w/ eternal, beautiful UR version

M-Series 04 (12")

Essential, blueprint House groove

M-Series 04.5 (12")
Maurizio: M 4.5

Essential, blueprint House groove

M-Series 05 (12")

Essential, universal, pure Dub House/Techno groove