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Si Begg: Blueprints

UK Techno innovator from ’No Future’ hey-days strikes w/ stunning, idiosyncratic explorer mode Electronics (w/ download card) (w/ download code)

Thrill Jockey 032 (Do LP)
Oval: Systemisch

One of THE 1990s Electronic albums - defining the sound of clicks’n’cuts (w/ download code)

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12th Isle 008 (LP)
Pataphysical: Periphera

Far ranging Ambient / Electronic excursions covering New Age revivalism & click’n’cuts era vibes (w/ download code) (w/ download code)

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Akuphone 1013 (LP)
Tamayuge: Baba Yaga

‘freaky electronic music: blend of experimental music, creepiness melancholia and kitschy tones’ (w/ download card) (w/ download code)

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Akuphone 1016 (LP)
Various Artists: Seitō: In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun

Compilation of current, experimental Japanese Electronics focussing on female artists (w/ download card) (w/ download code)

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Firescope 006 (EP)
B12: In Vain (Feat. Yonii)

‘Vocal Ambient’ & Lounge Electronica / Downtempo in signature B12 sound sphere

Bana Haffer: Matiere

Stunning, pure, side long Electronic sound scapes explorer

Moljebka Pvlse: In Love And Death. You Are Alone

Beautiful deep blue extended Ambient / Drone albun

Skin Crime: Traveller on the Road

Classic, extended, ‘quiet’ Industrial soundscapes

Nonplus 030 (12")
Source Direct: Approach & Identify

Classic golden era Drum & Bass reissued b/w stripped down rework

Whodamanny: T.C.P.

‘esoteric Electronics of Italy's rich library heritage and a chrome-clad brand of robotic body music’

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Ena: Baroque

Purist Noise appreciating & Industrial trained, subtly rhythmically structured sound scapes

BJNilsen: Massif Trophies

Masterful processed & arranged field recordings (w/ downlaod code)

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Santilli: Surface

1980s New Age Electronica affine chill-out album