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Skam LP 036 (Do LP)
The Fear Ratio: They Can't Be Saved

Perfect, early Autechre leaning, James Ruskin & Mark Broom prod. IDM-Electro(nica) adventure

Do EP out of stock

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 7 (Do EP)
∑: Schleifen

Explorative, wonderfully executed leftfield Techno / Electronic / Drone album - one immaculate NM- copy

Faugust: Parallel Rave Fantasies

Superb Sigha prod. creatures shapeshifting between Techno, IDM & designer Electronics - Tip!

Subtext 029 (LP)

Wonderful, meditative, extended Neo Classical / Drone explorations

Lapsus 021 (LP)
Eedl: Unstored

Classy, diverse set of cinematic & high densed IDM / Ambient Electronica

KER 001 LP (LP)
Train To Eltanin: 4D R.E.M. Computation

Excellent, glistening, futuristic hyper-Electro / Electronica album (w/ download code)

Faitiche 018 (LP)
Asuna & Jan Jelinek: Signals Bulletin

Stunning blend of ‘perfect’ Drones & swirling synthesizer textures in explorer mode (w/ download code)

12th Isle 007 (EP)
Lo Kindre: Chlorophytum

Tripped out Ambient Electronica w/ minimalist, Lounge affine downtempo grooves

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ANS 3000 (Do LP)

Explorative, pulsating, dubbed out Ambient Techno centered album