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50 Weapons 049 (D 12")
Fjaak / Rødhåd: Super Smash / Oblivion

Perfect, minimalist big room Techno set

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Delsin E 7 (Euro 12")
Bnjmn: Amygdala

Moody atmospheric Techno set

House Of Black Lanterns: Leather Jacket Love Stories

Diversified set for the floor, ranging between Techno, Electro and UKG

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Hiroaki Iizuka: Primitive Spirit

Excellent kicking Techno bangers

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Shipwrec 031 (Euro 12")
Ekman: Synaptic Feedback Loops
Tensal 005 (Euro 12")
Tensal: Tensal E

Perfectly reduced, heavy big room Techno pounders

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Heather Leigh: I Abused Animal

’...a personal, idiosyncratic and deeply psychedelic work, ranging from almost Kousokuya-scale black blues through the kind of ethereal electro-ritual of Solstice-era Coil’ (w/ download code)

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Karim Sahraoui: The Way Of Light

Pleasantly dreamy, driving Techno trips

Cylon 007 (UK 12")
Last Life: 85.15 EP

Perfect, stripped down, modern Drum Bass Tech-step EP

Cylon 008 (UK 12")
Chris Inperspective: Hard Lip Kiss

A king-of-the-amen flips the script by delivering universal, sub heavy half-steppers

Differ-Ent: M.O.M.

1990s Detroit School rooted DJ tool Techno