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Cyblo 001 (D 12")
Arttu: Lil Bob

Raw, bouncy, properly hard jacking, universal DJ tool rhythm tracks work out - killer EP!

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Domina Trxxx 001 (D 12")
Melvin Meeks: Global Motions EP

Raw, lo-fi-esque, jacking Chicago traxx work out

The Model: Every Night Is Different EP

Minimalist, retroesque DJ tool House floater

Rawax Ltd. 014 (D 12")

Warm, classic Detroit sound appreciating House stompers

Rawax S 04 (D 12")
Maarten Van Der Vleuten: No Poppycocking

Living up to late 1980s Detroit school inspired, early 1990s Dutch ‘intelligent’ Techno heritage - Recommended EP!

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Rawax S 05 (D 12")
Roman Lindau: Work Rest And Play EP (Part 1)

Diverse, perfectly executed, effective DJ tool House / Techno set

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Escapism 002 (D 12")
Talski: Soothsayer

Fine dreamy Ambient Techno trips

Shipwrec 030 (Euro EP)
Fedbymachines: Relapse EP

Dreamy, psychedelic Electronica & echoes of developed Acid for Braindancers

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Luis Ruiz: Ancient Resistance

Perfect valiant Techno bangers

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A Made Up Sound: After Hours

Massive way ahead Techno steppers

Arcing Seas 003 (D 12")
Cassegrain: Remixes

Tough Techno remix set mainly remarkable for cuts by The Mover & Peder Mannerfelt

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Delsin X 10 (Euro 12")
Norken: Southern Soul

A 1998 Lee Norris aka Metamatics joint - eternal Ambient Techno groover

Surgeon: Convenience Trap

Astonishing set of hard, spaced out, explorative techno science - top-notch Surgeon in full effect