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Tempa 059 (UK 12")

Downtempo / instrumental Hip Hop style HP prod. packed w/ movie references

Tempa 032 (UK 12")
D1: I’m Loving

UK garage anthem alert + heavy dubstep rave vibes

Tempa 039 (UK Do EP)
D1: V3

Nice & diverse EP ranging from UK garage rooted via funky house to UK harcore infected dubstep

Tempa 102 (UK 12")
Alex Coulton: Hand To Hand Combat

Universal, UK Bass related & dark UKG rooted twisted stepping killer cuts

Tempa 103 (UK 12")
AxH: Numbskull

Original Dubstep from the well

Tempa 112 (UK Do 12")
Alex Coulton: Gamma Ray Burst

Blinding, sparse Bristolian Techno step science - Highly Recommended!

12" out of stock

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Tempa 045 (UK 12")
SP:MC: Taiko Dub

Killer stripped down & spatial dubstep

12" out of stock

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Tempa 023 (UK 12")

Vintage Tempa cut w/ additional Kode 9 version

Do 12" out of stock

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Tempa 049 (UK Do 12")
Benga: Phaze One
12" out of stock

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Tempa 111 (UK 12")
Youngsta & Cimm: Split Minds / Redshift

Classy, original, sparse Dubstep vibes

12" out of stock

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Tempa 110 (UK 12")
Appleblim: Minus Degree

Excursions into Detroit school trained Ambient Techno fields

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Tempa 109 (UK 12")
Markee Ledge: Underground Railroad

Superb, stripped down, Techno, UKG & Grime compatible DJ tool rhythm cuts

Do EP out of stock

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Tempa LP 024 (UK Do EP)
Nomine: Inside Nomine

Minimalist, original Dubstep w/ subtle Eastern & score alike atmosphere

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Tempa 107 (UK 12")
Cliques: Dotted

Twisted IDM take on techy leftfield UKG themes

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Tempa 106 (UK 12")

Sparse & futuristically dubbed out Bristolian Techno steppers

Do LP out of stock

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Tempa LP 025 (UK Do LP)
Horsepower Productions: Crooks, Crime & Corruption