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12" out of stock

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Figure X 12 (12")

Direct, relentless, acidic Techno bangers

Fullpanda 026 (12")
Lars Hemmering: Bloody & Soul

Mesmerizing & reverberating Techno trips

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Bbbbbb 013 (EP)
EOD: Warmwoods EP

‘braindancing’ Acid & Ambient Techno vibes

Do LP out of stock

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Skam LP 035 (Do LP)
Afrodeutsche: Break Before Make
47 017 (12")
Carrier: 47 17

Blinding, powerful, suspenseful, Overlook & Positive Centre prod. Techno fire

Avian 024 (12")
Grace: Untitled

Industrial leaning Noise excursions b/w distorted Techno stepper

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Bite 005 (12")
Reka: Diving The Innermost

Driving, dark, EBM / Industrial Techno / Electro EP

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Randomer & Hodge: Second Freeze

Superb, sub heavy & rhythm focused Bristolian Techno steppers

EP out of stock

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Kaiunta: The Attractor

Fabulous, cinematic, forceful Techno adventure

Szare: Arcane Rhythm Structures Excavated And Remodelled By Hand

Sparse DJ tool Techno

12" out of stock

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Positive Centre: Ancestor One

Pulsating & stomping designer Techno EP

Insulin 003 (12")
Damaskin: Apologia

Droning dark Techno trips b/w stepping Codex Empire remix

Klockworks 007 (12")
Rod: Malmok

Pure & effective DJ tool techno rhythm tracks

MDR 015 (12")
Sa Pa: We Can Be Friends

Fresh, boomy, explorative rhythm textures in DJ compatible Techno mode