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Zehnin 002 (12")
Roots In Heaven: Sang Des Betes

Classy, out of the ordinary Drone Ambient / Ambient Techno pulses

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Julian Muller: Frustration

Uplifting, dreamy Techno / Trance pounders

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Border One 001 (12")
Border One: Abyssal

Effective spaced out Techno EP

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A 1995 Relief classic properly reissued in full - original, hard Chicago traxxx work out

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Stave: PI 07

Dark, reverberating, deep Techno trips

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Rambadu 001 (12")
Rambadu: Himal

Dreamiest dubbed out Ambient Techno trips

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Classy mid 1990s Techno unearthed & craftily updated by Skeemask & Fadi Mohem

Transmat 008 (12")
K. Alexi Shelby: All For Lee-Sah

Reissue of pivotal Acid House divinity - Essential must have!

12" out of stock

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Warm Up 057 (12")
Tensal: Real Ammunition EP

Excellent, optimized, focused big room Techno stompers

DDS 026 (12")
Equiknoxx: Mark Ernestus Remixes

Black vinyl repress - pure Dancehall futurism in Ernestus’ magical treatment - Tip!

Equalized 004 (12")
EQD: #004

Anthem alert - Techno!

Tokomak 008 (12")
Sirko Müller: Urban Fear EP

Crafty, classic 1990s Detroit school leaning, storming Techno EP

ADR DP 1 (12")
Dave Charlesworth: The Energizer

1991 party-guaranteed Hardcore / Rave / Techno cuts reissued

12" out of stock

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Absolete 002 (12")
Ruffneck Prime: The Mourning After

Hard hitting, Hardcore tinged Techno bangers

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Arts X 007 (Download only)
Dawn Razor: No One EP

Boomy, stomping, dubbed out Techno material

Aux 88: Bass Magnetic

Reissue of classic Detroit Electro-Bass. Keith Tucker & Tommy Hamilton prod.