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Ostgut Ton LP 021 (D Do LP)
Kobosil: We Grow, You Decline

Sparse, Industrial trained, contemplative & floor dedicated Techno excursions (comes w/ download code)

Strongly 1990s EBM rooted, hard kicking, dark Techno

Pole Group 031 (Euro Do LP)
Oscar Mulero: Muscle and Mind

Refined, reduced, experimental edged Techno/Ambient album (black vinyl repress in generic sleeve)

Driving percussions driven, sub heavy droning, irresistible Techno EP

12" out of stock

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Rabe 001 (D 12")
Denise Rabe: The Fox And The Raven

Excellent, forceful, dark big room Techno bangers

12" out of stock

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Príncipe 011 (Euro 12")
DJ Firmeza: Alma Do Meu Pai

Reduced-to-maximise-in-full-effect, red hot ’Batida’ rhythm tracks