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Approved, properly executed DJ tool Techno / Electro split EP

Elbee Bad / Kichi Kazuko: Super Sound Tool #5

Approved, properly executed DJ tool Techno / House split EP

Safe Trip 014 (Do LP)
Trans-4M: Sublunar Oracles

Reissue of 1992 Chill-out / Lounge Electronica / Ambient album

F&E: Sparse #4

Immersive dark Drone / Industrial atmospheres - very few limited dubplate copies, one per customer

12" out of stock

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Kaylah: Tiny Lights

Relentless kicking Techno ravers

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AP Musik 036 (Download only)
Aleksi Perälä: Midnight Sun 1

Remarkable, deep, Colundi tuned, fast-paced rhythms infused IDM / Ambient explorations

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Hayes EP21 (Download only)
JLTZ: Tools From Another Mother
FXHE AOS 2020 (7")
Omar S: Record Packer #4
Krust: The Portal

Perfect techy Drum & Bass minimalism

Phara: Next Of Kin

Varied, banging, strong-willed Techno album

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Clergy 005 (12")
Cleric & Dax J: Lost In Bermuda

Bold, slamming, refined Techno propulsion units (plain cover repress)