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Electric Indigo: Siberia EP

Subs & bleeps driven jacking DJ tool techno cuts

Mojuba MU 3 (12")
MK: Strider

1991 Detroit Techno/House gem reissued & expanded (repress w/o sleeve)

12" out of stock

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Hard raving EBM-Techno boldness

Set Theory 001 (12")
Sean Deason: Life EP

An homage to classic Detroit sound. Detroit house floorfiller

Sub Rosa 430 (LP)
Babils: Ji Ameeto

‘mixing rock, new wave, psyche, kraut, experimental and repetitive music’ (w/ download code)

Do LP out of stock

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Suction 048 (Do LP)
Lowfish: Test(e)

Early 1990s UK ‘braindance’ & pre-IDM inspired Canadian Ambient Techno set properly reissued

Franco Battiato: Sulle Corde Di Aries

Luxury reissue in gatefold sleeve - cinematic Italian 1970s Pop ‘that formed a confluence of avant-folk sensibilities and analog electronics’

Coti: La Gru Gialla

Fine 2001 IDM/Ambient excursions

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DJ Lag & OKZharp: Steam Rooms EP

UK Grime affine, South African dance musics rooted, uplifting beat tracks

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Methodical Essential 006 (Download only)
Neila (BE): Essential 006

Reduced reverberating Techno trips

Do EP out of stock

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Rekids 136 (Do EP)
FBK: More Stories From The Future
12" out of stock

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Smallville 055 (12")
Various Artists: Fifty-five Ways

Sublime, warm sound sphere relying House / Tech House mini-compilation

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Mickey Pearce: Smelling of Incense

Playful leftfield House weirdness

Do LP out of stock

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Auxiliary LP 003 (Do LP)
ASC: Realm Of The Infinite

Another sweeping broadcast from ASC's 'grey area' dimension

12" out of stock

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Trusik 007 (12")
City1: Buluu

Noisy to stripped down, stepping Electronic Dub / Grime cuts