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180g 1201 (12")
Ajate vs Ny.Ko: Mammamelie / With Regularity
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Loosefingers: Glancing At The Moon

Sublime Larry Heard prod. Acid / Deep House classics

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Loosefingers: What Is House?

Crafty Larry Heard prod. (Acid) House

Mr. White: Virtual Emotion

Strikingly cool Deep House w/ Dance Pop affinities by the one & only Larry Heard (European manufacturing)

Bedouin 010 (EP)
John Heckle: Tributes to a Sun God

Jamal Moss works akin, idiosyncratic, stomping pluses centred intergalactic techno

Bedouin 014 (12")
J. Tijn: Sliema Sixteen

Strong, distorted, jacking & swinging prime Techno EP

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Bedouin 015 (12")
Nene Hatun: Metacommunication

Freestyling, distorted & noisy Industrial trained Electro-Techno hybrid EP

Bedouin 017 (EP)
Arad: The Glimpse

Out-there IDM-Techno / Cyber-Electro-Pop EP w/ Grime affinities

Clone CC 32 (12")
Neal Howard: To Be Or Not To Be EP

Valuable reissue of 1988 Future Sound classic w/ Gerd updated track & Mayday remix

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Clone Dub 037 (EP)
Aleksi Perälä: Sunshine 1

Outstanding prolific Breakbeat / Bleep Techno / Braindance hybridization - Colundi everyOne!!!

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DUM 031 (12")
Coopers: Maximal Fun EP

Taking up 1990s pure Acid Techno vibes