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PAN 87 (Euro LP)
Puce Mary: The Drought

Exciting, Electro-Accoustic Designer-Electronics / 1980s Avantgarde / New Wave affine album (download card included)

PAN 74 (Euro LP)
Rashad Becker: Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. II

Overwhelming sound design, absolutely unique in its texture, tonality & dynamics - Highly Recommended! (w/ download card)

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PAN 111 (Euro Download only)
Eartheater & LEYA: Angel Lust

Ethereal orchestral song works

PAN 19 (Euro LP)
Heatsick: Intersex

Steven Warwick prod. early-/pre-House rooted, experimental edged Electronics

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PAN 102 (Euro Do LP)
Pelada: Movimiento Para Cambio
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PAN 85 (Euro LP)

Electronic Lounge Jazz w/ ‘sharp percussive hits and contemporary no-wave blowouts’

PAN 38 (Euro EP)
Sensate Focus: Déviation Heat-Treated

Extended SF House excursion for Heatsick’s Déviation EP

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PAN 51 (Euro EP)
Beneath: Vobes EP

Excellent, sparse, early 1990s Bleep Techno referencing UK Bass related EP - Recommended!

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PAN 81 (Euro Do LP)
Errorsmith: Superlative Fatigue

Designer take on energetic Kuduro & Dance Hall derivatives (w/ download card) - Highly recommended!