Cover art - Heatsick: IntersexCover art - Heatsick: Intersex
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PAN 19 (Euro LP)
Heatsick: Intersex
Steven Warwick prod. early-/pre-House rooted, experimental edged Electronics
Intersex is the debut LP by Steven Warwick a.k.a Heatsick. The title references the work of German sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld looking at how music and sexuality can operate in flux on a constantly sliding scale. Executed on just a Casio keyboard and manipulated loops via guitar pedals, Intersex deliberately evokes "ersatz" notions of electronic dance music and early electronics in the line of Roberto Cacciapaglia's Ann Steel record , the work of Warner Jepson and the kaleidoscopic sound of Ron Hardy, pushing dance/body music through a saturated psychedelic lens.