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TAL 012 (EP)
Various Artists: Paredo EP
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Tremsix 002 (12")
Jonas Kopp: Solar Maximus EP

Forceful stomping Techno pressure

W.25TH 010 (LP)
Sarah Davachi: Pale Bloom

Modern Classical & microtonal ’perfect’ Drone tinged sound explorer - Highly recommended!

Workshop 18 (12")
Ital: Workshop 18

Chilled, tripping leftfield House/Ambient hybrid EP

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Workshop 27 (EP)
Even Tuell: Workshop 27

Anthem alert - breaking news from the forefront of leftfield House research

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47 019 (12")
Oake: 47 19

Fabulous, immaculately prod. Industrial / Techno EP

Generation Next: Our Time In Different Lives

Excellent dubby Detroit house

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Abayomi 005 (12")
Abayomi: Reach EP

Fine, effective Techno stompers

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Cassius Select: 90 / Herd

Ace, twisted, jacking, equally Grime & UKG affine, techy rhythm cuts

Etch: Altered Roads Vol. 1

Etch’s drum-break centred chop-up science in Drum & Bass mode - Tip!

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Counterchange 013 (Download only)
Stefan Alexis: Mind Dweller

Dubbed out, boomy Techno DJ tools

E-Beamz 010 (12")
Ray Kandinski: Lo Fi Is Dead EP

Hard hitting, lo-fi-esque, UK Retro-House jackers

Joe Cocherell: Who Are You Where Do You Come From

Subtle atmospheric swinging DJ tool techno