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Fit 006 (US 12")
H-Fusion: H-Fusion

Howard Thomas prod. feat. Marcellus Pittman. frantic sound clash

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Fit 022 (US 12")
Sneaker & RVDS: Inside Me / Geist Bahn

Spaced out, spooky leftfield House trips

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Fit 021 (US 12")
FIT + KM: Saboten

Tripped out ‘Easy Listening’ tinged Ambient wrapped leftfield House pulses

Fit 004 (US 12")

Floor-friendly powerful drum track

Fit 008 (US 12")

90’s NY style deep house/acid tracks

Fit 012 (US 12")
Fit Siegel: Carmine

Superb laid-back house & Mills-ish techno groove

12" out of stock

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Fit 018 (US 12")
Golden Mean: Resonance

Densely atmospheric, psychedelic House excursion in three complementary mixes

Fit 003 (US 12")
Shake: The Drummer Downstairs

Outstanding well-structured Detroit house. Recommended.

Fit 005 (US 12")
Marcus Mixx: Salut The Noize With A Laugh

Quirky Chicago house track

12" out of stock

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Fit 017 (US 12")

Drum heavy afro-cuban house grooves by Andrés

Fit 011 (US 12")
MGUN: Wide Eye

Highest order psychedelic house & techno trips

Fit D02 (US 12")
Instinct: Just A Feeling

Originally released on Decisive Records in 1992. Detroit classic reissue

12" out of stock

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Fit 016 (US 12")
Ol: Lada Passenger

Wicked late night dance floor stomper

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Fit 001 (US 12")
M. Pittman: Erase The Pain

Marcellus Pittman prod. stripped-down dark techno tracks

12" out of stock

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Fit 015 (US 12")
Todd Modes: Native Visions

Stripped-down percussive grooves

12" out of stock

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Fit 010 (US 12")
Fit Siegel: Cocomo

Exotic moody house sounds

12" out of stock

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Fit 009 (US 12")

Driven african percussive acid track