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MDR 021 (D 12")
Museum: Pole

Highly effective, pure groove & rhythm centred DJ tool Techno set

MDR 017 (D 12")
Ryan James Ford: Arco Pitcairn

Classy, full range, pulsating Techno/Ambient/Ambient-Techno EP

MDR 001 (D 12")
Marcel Dettmann: Let’s Do It

Proper, raw Techno banger

MDR 012 (D 12")
Marcel Dettmann: Corebox - James Ruskin Mixes
MDR 019 (D 12")

Boomy, driving, rhythm focused DJ tool Techno bombs

MDR 020 (D 12")
Wrong Copy: In To 5

Stripped down puristic Techno/House rhythm tracks

12" out of stock

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MDR 003 (D 12")

Raw killer Techno

MDR 015 (D 12")
Sa Pa: We Can Be Friends

Fresh, boomy, explorative rhythm textures in DJ compatible Techno mode

MDR TS 2014XXL (Merch T-Shirt)
T-Shirt, Size XXL: Mid Heather Grey

Red MDR Logo print, Stella&Stanley, 100% single jersey ringspun organic cotton155 g/m², FairWear cerified, please mind the measurements! chest: 58 cm, back: 75 cm

12" out of stock

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MDR 013 (D 12")
Marcel Dettmann: Planetary Assault Systems Remixes
12" out of stock

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MDR 011 (D 12")
Anthony Parasole: Off The Grid

Deadly, subtle, jacking DJ tool killer Techno

12" out of stock

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MDR 018 (D 12")

Elevating EP from Breakbeat-Techno adventures to big room Techno trips

12" out of stock

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MDR 002 (D 12")

Marcel Dettmann’s originals remixed

EP out of stock

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MDR 010 (D EP)

Proper, fresh, diverse Techno banger - Recommended!