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Do LP out of stock

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Nonplace 033 (Do LP)
Burnt Friedman: Bokoboko

Explorative percussive, outernational musics reflecting killer album

12" out of stock

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Shackleton: Deliverance Series No. 2

Delivering the unexpected, inspired musical goodness

10" out of stock

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Ace Ernestus dubs for Nigerian brass band Obadikah - Highly Recommended!

12" out of stock

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Bbbbbb 016 (12")
EOD: Zone

Advanced brain-dancing Ambient / IDM / Electro set

Bruk 001 (12")
FFT: Bruk 1

Excellent fearless hybrids of UK Bass & IDM

12" out of stock

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Echocord 085 (12")
STL: Take Off Music EP

Reduced Dub House / Techno workouts

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Erased Tapes 132 (Download only)

Atmospheric Ambient Electronica works

Erratum 010 (Do LP)
Charlemagne Palestine: Cathédrale De Strasbourg

An impressive continuos, evolving organ drone stretched over four sides (one near mint copy)

Improvised, exploraive, Noise affine, side long, guitar works led Drone sessions (one near mint copy)

Hobbes 014 (12")

Fresh, subtly drifting & grooving UK House business