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Youth Y10TH (LP)
Shamos: Music For Broken Adverts
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SWR: Square Soulja EP
Various Artists: Ten Years of One Pt. 3

Warm, deep, minimalist UK Garage / House mini-compilation

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Coco Bryce: Rising High EP

Flawless Jungle revivalism

Version 017 (12")
Lamont: Dominant

Fabulous reduced Grime cuts

Amotik 007 (12")
Amotik: Ikis

Effectively banging Techno drivers

ASC: Subliminal Flow State

Perfectly designed cinematic Techno trips

Cliq Ltd 002 (12")
Biz: Vertical Ascent

Classic Detroit schooled to driving big room Techno set

Cold Blow 004 (12")
DJ Uijui: Woke Up

Deeply atmospheric, laid back House set

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Delsin 144 (12")
VC-118A: Crunch

Excellent, deep, vibrant Electro floaters

Laurent Garnier: Crispy Bacon (Jeff Mills Remix)

Reissue of seminal mid-1990's Techno banger incl. sought-after Jeff Mills remix

Ladymonix: Club Nowhere EP

Soulful, total grooving US Deep House goodness