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Nuel: Hyperboreal

Far out shimmering & droning Ambient Techno soundscapes

Human Rays: A Tension

Subtly pulsating & percussive Ambient Electronica mini album (w/ download code)

Mogador: Overflow Pool

Beautiful, epic, side long (18+ minutes) Ambient sound scapes (w/ download code)

Decimus: Decimus 7

Extended droning Techno/Ambient live jams

Moufang/Czamanski: Live In Seattle

Fine extended psychedelic House excursions

Strategy: Information Pollution

Pure, extended Ambient Electronica transmissions

12" out of stock

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Nautil: Canopée

Dubbed out Techno trips

LP out of stock

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Strategy: Noise Tape Self
12" out of stock

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Fine tripping Ambient Techno excursions

LP out of stock

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Rrose Plays James Tenney: Having Never Written A Note For Percussion

Droning Ambient excursions

Do LP out of stock

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Untitled Ambient Techno pieces reissued