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Legowelt: Institute Of The Overmind

Next to Braindance certified Acid House jams

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Paul Johnson: Traxx Series Volume 1 - Stop Trippin’ EP

Mid 1990s hard jacking Chicago traxx works reissued

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Gerd: Planet F.M.D.X.
Portable: I Reflect Thee

Exceptionally crafted Deep House vibes in complementary DJ versions

Perlon 016 (D 12")

Ricardo Villalobos co-prod. super dry magic minimalist House

Perlon 022 (D 12")

2001 hypnotic & minimalist house

Rawax 10.6 (D 10")
Steve Murphy: Planet Earth EP

Raw, original Chicago House inspired tracks

Versatile 039 (Euro 12")
I:Cube: Fr33z

20th anniversary edition - 1980s Disco leaning, effective House hybrids

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Kann 023 (D 12")
Polo: Route

Subtle atmospheric, heavy, stepping classy House EP

Delsin E 1 (Euro 12")
Seawash: Pantomime EP

Excellent dubbed out and atmospheric UKG/Electronica hybrid tracks

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Housewax 1002 (D 10")
Rio Padice: Looking To The Sky

Warm, retroesque DJ tool House

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Roberto Rodriguez: Heartbeat EP

Fine Deep House Sähkö’s House-and-what-not-subdivision

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Roberto Rodriguez: All I Do Is Wrong

Roberto Rodriguez & Jukka Kaartinen prod. pumping disco-esque and laidback jazzy house