"Released in 1999 on DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo Records, Chris Korda and The Church of Euthanasia’s pioneering album "6 Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong" is available again in 2021 in a revised by the artist edition now relabeled "8 Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong".

Essential techno, essentially militant. A collection of pioneering electronic club hits and classic tech funk cuts with highly eco-political lyrics, produced by Michelle Grinser, DJ Naughty and featuring by Chicks On Speed. Chris Korda, is a transgender artist and tireless environmental activist who denounced 21 years ago the excess of capitalism and consumerism ("Buy", "Buy More"), exposed social inequalities and warned of the dangers of climate change ("Save The Planet, Kill Yourself"). This proto funk soundtrack redefined music on dance floors in the early 2000s, with a blend of unhinged beats, piercing points of view and provocative work.

As Chris Korda returns to the forefront of the music scene with an art exhibition touring in Europe and albums released on Mental Groove Records and Perlon Records, we felt it was important to reissue this iconic album.

Diggers Factory presents a limited edition of 500 2x12", remastered from the original sources, including a bonus 24x12" insert with lyrics, pictures and poster, the definitive edition, revised by the artist edition, including the sought after original version of Fleshdance, released by Mental Groove Records.

Limited Edition of 500 2x12"
Remastered from the original sources
Definitive edition revised by the artist
Including the sought after Fleshdance (original mix).

Save the planet kill yourself!"