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Tectonic 103 (12")
Pinch: The Boxer / Swish (Kromestar Remixes)

Futurist, techy dream-team Grime science

12" out of stock

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Kaizen 005 (12")
Silas & Snare: Pressure

Catching the middle of sparse, original Dubstep & twisted Grime beat science

System Roots: Step On It

A Roots Reggae aiming excursion on a blinding Dubstep imprint

12" out of stock

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WNCL 035 (12")
Various Artists: We Are Family Vol. 4
12" out of stock

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Loop LF: Natural XT

Stunning blend of crisp Dub Techno reductions & UKG vibes - Highly Recommended!

12" out of stock

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East Man: Stop Flapping Your Gums Vol.1

Flawless, purist & stunning original Grime beat science - Highly Recommended!

Digital: Red Tape

Half-stepping, vintage Reggae sampled beat- & bassline science by a true master

LP out of stock

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Chilled downtempo somewhere in between sparse Grime & Digital Dub Reggae

3x 12" out of stock

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Punch Drunk 014 (3x 12")
Peverelist: Jarvik Mindstate
Peverelist: Bluez (Classic Mix) / Und_92

Blinding Bristolian school UKG / Grime / Dubstep hybrids by Pev’ in full swing

Dub Phizix: Ohm Grown 1

Uplifting beatscience blending upfront Grime & Dance Hall vibes

12" out of stock

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Version 007 (12")
Orson: Production House

Classy, sub heavy, sparse, original Dubstep associated tunes

10" out of stock

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Oil Gang 017 (10")
D.O.K: 06

Minimalist, cartoon score synth sounds driven Grime excursions

12" out of stock

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Timedance 017 (12")
Batu: False Reeds

Twisted, swinging & jacking Bristolian UK Bass / Grime cuts w/ UK Tech House affinities

EP out of stock

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DJ Lag & OKZharp: Steam Rooms EP

UK Grime affine, South African dance musics rooted, uplifting beat tracks

12" out of stock

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Trusik 007 (12")
City1: Buluu

Noisy to stripped down, stepping Electronic Dub / Grime cuts

Blacklist 003 (Do EP)
Epoch: Badminded

Fine, chilled, original Dubstep related Downtempo / Electronica album

EP out of stock

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Exit 067 (EP)
Fixate: March On EP

Bridging half-stepping Drum & Bass adventures + wild Footwork derivatives & developments

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Hyperdub HDB 126 (Download only)

Far out Designer-Grime tinged beat science

Ruffcut 006 (10")
Tremble: Radix

Classy original Dubstep vibes