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Holuzam 008 (LP)
Sabaturin: Kenemglev

Superb, carefully detailed & calm, dubbed out Ambient excursions by Charles-Émile Beullac & Simon Crab

Firts-time vinyl issue of excellent puristic 'clicks & cuts' Designer Electronica album from 2002 (w/ download code)

12" out of stock

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Lifted: 3.3

Playful IDM & Chill-wave leaning Electronica

Mego Editions 292 (Do LP)

Raw distorted rhythmic Noise explorations (comes with vinyl exclusive tracks on C/D sides) (w/ download code)

Robert Henke: Piercing Music

1993 one hour Electronic Music composition; no repress, but warehouse find - original sealed copies

Async Sense: Async Sense

1995 Avant-Computer-Music compositions by Andy Mellwig (of Porter Ricks); original sealed copies

Robert Henke: Signal to Noise

Hyper-reality-Electronic Music & Drone compositions

Monolake: V L S I

Idiosyncratic full range Electronic Music album which emphasizes history & evolution of digital sound synthesis & design

LP out of stock

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Constantine Skourlis: Eternal Recurrence

Dark & droning, purist Classical Minimal continuations

Biophon 035 (LP)

Purist, carefully moving Ambient bliss (w/ download code)