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Vin Sol: Supernatural EP

Flawless & highly effective Acid House slammers

Decisions 017 (12")

Ace, drumming centered, subtly dubbed out UK Bass / Grime / Techno affine rhythm adventures

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Ena: Baroque

Purist Noise appreciating & Industrial trained, subtly rhythmically structured sound scapes

Dust World 002 (12")
Big Zen: Big Time Crush

Lovely, early 90s oriented House / Ambient wonders

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Eaux 1391 (Do EP)
Rrose: Hymn To Moisture

Richly textured Drone dedicated sound scapes & derived, pulsating, minimalist Techno

Ivan Erofeev: H Island

Dense Ambient / aquatic Dub Techno workouts

DJ Mau Mau: Hell's Club

Reissue of highly effective, slamming Brazilian House cuts

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Hot Haus 046 (12")
9th House: Planetary
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C.E.O: The Microfiche Edits
Leif: Igam-Ogam

Zero-gravity UK Tech House floaters

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Guerilla Welfare: The Nature of Human Nature

Mid 1980s blend of Post-Punk, Dub Reggae techniques & multi-sourced sound collages